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    Hi, I am from India. I am serving in the army. I am a tetotaller person but i have IBS problem for the past 20 years. For that reason I am underweight. My height is 5 feet 8 inches and my weight is 57 kg. My problem is whatever I may eat after some time, I go to the potty and mucus comes out with my stool. Sometimes i can’t resist my stool and it makes me embarassed. For this reason, I am afraid to eat because I think if I should eat too much, I will have to go. Please I want to cure this disease and gain my weight. Please help me. My phone # is 09672976535/03324676592.

  • Marlene Stein

    Indranil, my son-in-law is from India and there is a reddish/brown “spice” from the achiote tree seeds that is used to color foods in your country. Achiote is the Spanish word. Kasumba is the Indonesian name. The seeds are red. That’s the same as annatto here. Email me at and I’ll reply with my phone number so you can call me. I am on Pacific Time in the USA.

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